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Natural Awakenings Tampa Florida

Letter From the Publisher

November 2012 and all is well on the west coast of Florida. No need to begin searching for winter boots, snow shovels and ice scrapers hereabouts – thank goodness. We can look forward to near perfect temperatures in months ahead. The occasional need for a light jacket or a warm pair of socks might arise, but that’s a minor glitch in otherwise perfection. Tampa Bay rules!

This issue of NA Tampa Bay offers perspective on making the most of the opportunities. The news and views on these pages fuel the drive to achieve a healthy lifestyle. Remember also to check out our extensive calendar of events toward the back of the magazine. There are so many fun and enlightening things to do around town. It’s true: the natural health community is prepared, inside and out, for whatever life offers.

Be sure to check out writer Lisa Marshall’s take this month on how to "Fashion a Passion-Driven Life." It’s a timely reminder of the possibilities that can be realized even in the hardest time when we call upon the creative spirit we all possess. Lisa’s insights on the basics for successfully achieving passion-driven goals are especially inspiring and motivating.

For more basic truths on maintaining health and natural energy, see our Healing Ways section. In her article, "Powerful Energy Boosters," author Kathleen Barnes offers guidelines for combating low energy levels through common sense approaches to diet and stress relief. Once again, we are reminded of the natural power we have as individuals to see to our own well-being.

With the holiday season kicking into high gear, our Conscious Eating department offers timely tips on making a holiday gathering especially memorable. Yes, holiday cheer can be achieved, naturally and deliciously! Whet partiers’ appetites with gluten-free beverages, organic spirits, wines, mixers and cocktails that avoid sugary syrups and help keep the holiday spirit alive and well. This article, entitled "Holiday Cheer," also includes some festive beverage recipes sure to spark your imagination.

Above all, be happy and healthy this holiday season.

As always, open your mind and read on.