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Letter from the Publisher

It’s July 2012, and I’m easing into Tampa Bay summer-mode, adapting to the summer season’s warmer days and the return of tropical wind patterns. This month’s NA-Tampa Bay is filled with inspiring news highlighting ways to make the most of outdoor fun and seasonal celebrations.

On Wednesday, July 4, we celebrate our nation’s founding. Stirring thoughts of picnics, fireworks, and beach excursions, this date also brings reflection on our brothers and sisters currently in harm’s way overseas. We hope for their safe return, and soon. It’s a timely reminder to nurture ourselves, our community and our nation.

Speaking of making things better, actress, author and activist Fran Drescher shares profound insights from her experience with cancer in "Living an Authentic Life of Love" (page 41). Her book, Cancer Schmancer, with its new perspective and the healing movement it has sparked, is inspirational to the max. On a more frivolous note, I might add that the companion Fran shares this month’s front cover with looks much like my beloved pet companions Tai and Chi. We’ve been together for more than a decade. Joining up with these little girlies is one of the healthier choices I’ve ever made.

I thoroughly enjoyed Meredith Montgomery’s "Urban Walkabout" ("greenliving", page ?), on the green benefits of living in and visiting communities sensitive to and supportive of, people power. She highlights how walkable urban living is being achieved across the nation. Cities like St. Petersburg, for example, seem on the right track in this regard. (The green influence downtown includes safe and convenient bike access, pleasantly accessible trolley systems, and even some people-powered conveyances for groups of revelers who bond and pedal hub-to-hub. How much fun is that?)

As always, open your mind and read on.

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