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Letter From the Publisher

Twenty-five years ago in Naples, Florida, healthy living entrepreneur Sharon Bruckman launched the first Natural Awakenings magazine. Today this publication serves more than 70 markets nationwide, encouraging a thriving natural health community of more than 3 million readers (see page 26 for more on this).

The exciting scope of NA publishers serving local communities nationwide is a continuing sign of hope for the future. I’m so pleased to play a part in spreading the news. This January 2019 Natural Awakenings Tampa Bay will enlighten and soothe bodies, minds and spirits here and beyond.

This issue’s Healing Ways feature is entitled "Blood Chemistry" (page 36). This article by Natural Awakenings senior staff writer Linda Sechrist offers an insightful "roadmap" for understanding our life’s blood, especially in the context of holistic wellbeing.

In this month’s Conscious Eating department, author Marlaina Donato examines commonly held beliefs that block sensible eating habits for so many. In "Befriending Food: Embrace the Psychology of Eating" (page 38), Donato details some of the issues getting in the way of individual achievement in this respect. The article also offers inspiration for developing healthier eating habits on your own terms.

As always, this season on the west coast of Florida is a wonder to behold. Heavenly weather rules along with a community of like-minded others to enjoy.

With an open heart and mind, read on.

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Letter from the Publisher

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Letter from the Publisher

The month of May 2019 is here and we are happily in the midst of springtime’s weather perfection on the west coast of Florida.

Letter From the Publisher

Moving on to April, we are pleased this month to include a celebration of Earth Day 2019. Since its official inception in 1970, the Earth Day environmental movement has become a rite of spring; an effective tool for spreading awareness of the critical nature of sustainability in the survival of life on this planet.

Letter From the Publisher

With unusually cooler weather so far this year, my modest collection of winter clothes is getting a real workout.

Letter From the Publisher

February 2019 has arrived and with it another edition of Natural Awakenings Tampa Bay. As always, this issue overflows with insightful news and views at the forefront of the natural health movement.