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Letter From the Publisher

With unusually cooler weather so far this year, my modest collection of winter clothes is getting a real workout. While the first weeks of March tend to maintain a chilly nip, the month’s seasonal turn to warmer temperatures cheers me. Spring Equinox arrives the 20th, and with it the sweet reawakening of the buds, birds and bees of Tampa Bay.

Seasonal allergies are on the rise this time of year and this March 2019 issue offers a timely and insightful selection of ways to cope, naturally. For instance, did you know that 70 percent of the immune system resides in the lining of the gut? That’s just one of the critical issues addressed in "Nutrition Upgrades: Five Strategies for Better Health" (page 28).

"Exercise vs. Allergies: All the Right Moves" (page 42) reveals ways people can use exercise to significantly reduce allergy symptoms. In terms of our beloved pets, this month’s special feature is "Fight Back Naturally: When Allergies Put the Bite on Pets" (page 48).

World Water Day is recognized on March 22nd, with the goal to bring awareness to this looming global crisis, including the fact over a fifth of the world’s population is already living in areas of scarcity. Writer Jim Motavalli examines ways to reduce our water footprint in "Saving a Drop to Drink: Our Role in the Coming Water Crisis" (page 44).

There’s plenty of food for thought here that goes far beyond watering our lawns and low-flush toilets.

As always, open your heart and mind and read on.

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